Marketing Waec Syllabus

Below is this years Waec Syllabus for Marketing. Note that this syllabus is for both internal and external candidates.

Aims and Objectives

  • knowledge, skills, and concepts needed to practice marketing as a career
  • ability to set up and manage a market outlet
  • understanding of the roles of marketing in the economy

Scheme of Examination

There will be two papers, Papers 1 and 2, both of which will constitute a composite paper to be taken in one sitting.


will consist of forty multiple-choice objective questions, which will cover the entire syllabus.  Candidates are expected to answer all the questions in 50 minutes for 40 marks.


will be a 2-hour paper consisting of six essay questions, out of which candidates will be expected to answer any four for 80 marks.

Detailed Marketing Syllabus

  1. Introduction to Marketing
    • Meaning
    • Explanation of basic terms in marketing:    needs, wants, demands, product, exchange, transactions, and markets
    • Brief history of marketing in Nigeria;
    • Functions of marketing.
  2. Marketing Concepts
    • Meaning
    • Various marketing concepts (production, product, selling, marketing and societal marketing).
  3. Marketing Mix and Marketing Environment
    • Meaning
    • Elements (4 Ps)
    • Marketing Environment
    • Factors affecting the marketing environment:
      • political
      • cultural
      • religious
      • economic
      • technological
      • social.
  4. Products
    • Meaning
    • Classification (Industrial goods, consumer goods, services, primary and secondary products and mineral products-oil and non-oil
    • Distinctions between classes of products
    • Product Design*
  5. Markets
    •  Meaning
    • Classification
      • Consumer
      • Organization (industrial, reseller and government)
  6. Consumer and Organizational Behaviour
    • Meaning
    • Influencing factors
    • Decision process in a logical order
  7. Marketing Planning and Research
    • Meaning, process and importance
    • Elements of marketing planning
    • Information required for marketing planning
    • Reasons for marketing planning and research.
    • Utilization of feedback
  8. Pricing
    • Meaning;
    • Strategies  (haggling, cost-plus, demand and competition);
    • Application of strategies*
    • Price determinants.
  9. Advertising
    • Definition;
    • Functions;
    • Media – meaning, types, advantages and disadvantages.
    • Production of sample adverts*
  10. Sales Promotion
    • Meaning and Functions;
    • Forms –  price-off, coupons, salesmen competition, loyalty schemes, premium offers, trade-in-allowance, sampling, training schemes, and merchandising incentives.
  11. Merchandising
    • Meaning;
    • Elements (packaging, branding and labeling)
    • Influencing factors;
    • Functions.
  12. Distribution
    • Definition
    • Channels of distribution (definition and types
    • Factors influencing the choice of distribution channels
    • Functions of channel members.
  13. Transportation
    • Meaning, mode, choice and importance
    • Documents used in transportation
    • Factors affecting the choice of transportation
  14. Warehousing
    • Meaning, types and functions
    • Activities in the warehouse
  15. Market Unions and Facilitators
    • Market Unions (Meaning and types)
    • Roles of Market Unions in local markets;
    • Market Facilitators – meaning, types and roles.
  16. International Marketing
    • Meaning, importance, reasons and methods of engaging in international marketing
    • Influencing factors
    • Guiding rules and regulations;
  17. ICT in Marketing
    • E-Marketing (electronic marketing) – meaning, importance, uses, ethics and abuses.
  18. Entrepreneurship in Marketing
    • Meaning of entrepreneurship and entrepreneur
    • Sources of funds;
    • Factors affecting the location of a market outlet;
    • Management of market outlets – purchase and supply of goods and services
    • Selling and bargaining skills;


  1. Fundamentals of Marketing by O.O. Shokan – MAM Education Limited, Lagos.
  2. Commerce Textbook by G.A. Saka and Nnabuko J.O. – Emiola Publisher Ltd
  3. Marketing in Nigeria: Concepts, Principles and Decisions, 2nd Edition by A. Agbonifoh,  O.E Ogwo, D.A. Nnolim, and A.D. Nkamnebe, (2007). - Afritowers Limited Publisher.

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